Driving Directions to Rincon Puerto Rico

If you are not sure about renting a car for your stay in Rincon, we can tell you it is a good idea to have a car to really enjoy everything that Rincon and the West Coast have to offer.  Walking is definitely an option but Rincon is not flat by any means, and you want to be where the surf is good right away.

Most of the major car rental companies are available on the island.  The list below includes a few that are located at the Aguadilla airport and accommodate the late night flight times.

787 890-3311

787 890-3732  Open 24 hours

Charlie Car Rental
787 728-2418  Open 24 hours

If you choose not to drive yourself and wish to hire a van to bring you to Rincon.
Rincon Tours & Taxi  787 398 3621

The owners name is Carlos, he speaks English, drives a van that can accommodate a group of surfers and their board bags and most importantly, he knows exactly where our place is located.  He does pick ups and departures.


Coming out of the airport, make a left and then a 2nd left at the stop sign onto Route #107.  This will take you all the way to Route 2.  You will pass through about 4 traffic lights on #107 and then get into the right lane to merge onto Route 2.  At the bottom of the hill you will see a traffic light and a Walgreen’s Pharmacy is on the right corner.  Make a right at this light and take the next left. 

Follow the signs for Rt. #115.  You will curve to the right and be on this road for about 10 minutes or less. If you press your mileage button at the beginning of Rt. #115 it will be exactly 3.1 miles to the next turn.  You will be passing through the town of Aguada.  (a one way road that is 7 blocks long)  You will come to an island in the road where you can go straight/right or left.  There is a green sign on the right hand side of the road just before this, it says Rincon with an arrow pointing left.  Make the left and the very next right at the gas station.  Take this road all the way into Rincon, about 4 miles, if you hit the beach, turn around.

You will come to a sign that says #413 – Bo. Puntas – El Faro and then a fork in the road.  Take the right fork going uphill.  This is Road 413 “The Road to Happiness”.  Stay on this road exactly and you will pass a newly opened gas station on the right and a souvenir shop on the left.   Continue past the The Lazy Parrot on the left.  Keep going straight 2.0 miles and you will pass the Puntas Bakery on your right and come down a curving hill and see a large white building with potted palms in front of it on the left called Beach House.  Our hanging sign, Fisheye View Vacation Rentals will be on your left and a little behind you.  Make a sharp left (or you can do a u-turn around the tree in the road) and go up a newly paved blacktop road.  Take it to the top and you will see our house.

Drive straight up the driveway and turn right at the top and park under the covered carport area.  There are 2 spaces for parking and if you need more feel free to park on the grass area to the left.  The front door will be unlocked for you and the keys inside on the foyer table.

Drive straight up the driveway and turn right at the Fisheye View Parking sign. If there are already 2 cars there, continue up the driveway and park anywhere to the left on the driveway or the grass area.  The studio is on the first level, down the hallway to the left and it is the last door on the left.  There is a sign outside the door marking it.  The door will be unlocked and the keys inside.

Enjoy your stay in Rincon and at Fisheye View.



Follow the Green Parrot-Mayaguez Tourist signs. It will take approximately one hour to reach Arecibo. You will make a right out of the airport (exit-San Juan-highway 26 DO NOT GO OVER THE MOSCOSO BRIDGE). Go under overpass and exit to the right following signs to 22 Bayamon Autopista - tollroad. You will follow 22 to Arecibo and pay approximately $5.50 in tolls.

Once in Arecibo #22 turns into #2, stay left. Follow #2 to Aguadilla ( about 30 min.). In Aguadilla you will pass a baseball stadium on the left, and at the bottom of that hill a Walgreens will be on your right. Stay on #2 until you reach Carr. 417 ( there is an overhead crosswalk there- you can’t miss it).

Make a right on #417 and go 1.6 miles to the cemetery. At the cemetery ( the walls are painted with murals) several roads merge. Take Avenida Nativo Alers ( it’s the road to the left). Go 1 mile and you will see a bank on the right hand corner at the light, go thru the light and about ½ a mile ahead the road ends and you will have to turn left on #115.

Take #115 cross a little bridge. Go for about 4 miles and you will see #413 on the right (There is a sign that says Bo. Puntas – El Faro ), take that about 1 mile and there will be a  gas station on the right, and the 413 Deli on your left, follow the road as it curves to the left.  You will pass The Lazy Parrot on your left, about a ½ mile up you will pass the Puntas Bakery on our right.  Keep going straight, downhill and through an “S” curve.  Immediately after the curve, start slowing down, you will come to a large white bar/restaurant on the left called The Beachhouse.   Our hanging sign for Fisheye View will be on your left, take a very sharp left hand turn up the black asphalt road.  The road has been recently repaved so it is easy to drive up NOW, should have been here the last 10 years and it was a totally different story – lucky you!

Take this road up to our house, drive straight up our driveway and park to the right under the carport.  There are two spaces there and the front door will be unlocked for you.  The keys will be inside on the foyer table.


Park on the first level at the FISHEYE VIEW PARKING sign and you have arrived.  All Apartments are marked with signs, unlocked and keys inside.  Enjoy your stay in Rincon and Fisheye View.